Water Play Equipment

  • Inflatable Water Trampoline

    Inflatable Water Trampoline

    This inflatable water trampoline is made with blue and yellow color with black elastic fabric. It is not like land...

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  • Beach Volleyball Court

    Beach Volleyball Court

    Get serious about your water sports by transforming your pool with the beach volleyball court.Made from 0.9mm PVC tarp,this...

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  • Inflatable Volleyball Court

    Inflatable Volleyball Court

    An inflatable volleyball court is a portable alternative to a conventional volleyball facility,as it can be...

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  • Floating Trampoline

    Floating Trampoline

    This is our floating trampoline with a jumping surface attached to a floating frame with springs in green and white...

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  • Inflatable Sofa

    Inflatable Sofa

    The inflatable sofa can meet your needs perfect.It is portable and ultra-light,you can carry it anywhere and anytime.No need...

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  • Inflatable Water Sofa

    Inflatable Water Sofa

    Our inflatable water sofa is professional designed for beach holiday.When you are playing on the beach,you could float on the...

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  • Inflatable Slide

    Inflatable Slide

    This inflatable slide is made of 0.9mm PVC material in yellow,red and blue colors.It has its special shape with two slides...

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  • Inflatable Floating Slide

    Inflatable Floating Slide

    This inflatable floating slide is made of yellow,blue and red three different colors.You can climb the slide by the...

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  • Inflatable Climbing Wall

    Inflatable Climbing Wall

    Inflatable climbing wall is a great hit at any event,whether it is a kid’s party,teen party, or even a corporate event.With a...

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  • Inflatable Rock Wall

    Inflatable Rock Wall

    Inflatable rock wall is also known as inflatable climbing towers,inflatable Velcro walls,mountain climbs,inflatable climbing...

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Airbrother is one of the leading water play equipment manufacturers and suppliers, with 10 years experience. We bring here a wide selection of water play equipment for sale with competitive price. Hope you enjoy your shopping.