Why Choose Inflatable Membrane Building?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Inflatable membrane construction is the most cost-effective, open-architecture solution on the market, often less than one-third the cost of traditional construction methods. Our air-supported and frame-supported fabric buildings also have fast construction and minimal operating costs.

1. Economic

Membrane structure Construction of the stadium is very simple and light weight, so the overall cost is one-third of the average building structure, and operating costs are one-third of ordinary reinforced concrete structure.

2. Artistic

Give full play to the architect's imagination, but also reflects the structural components of the clear force of the United States. As the film has a certain light transmittance, daylight can reduce lighting intensity and time, can well save energy.

3. Long span

Membrane structures can fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered in the construction of large-span (unsupported) buildings with conventional structures, creating enormous unobstructed viewable space and effectively increasing the space used

4. Short duration

Membrane construction of all processing and production are completed within the factory, can reduce on-site construction time, to avoid cross construction, the relatively short duration of the traditional construction projects.

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