Types And Characteristics Of The Use Of Inflatable Boats

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Type of inflatable boat;

There are different types of classification. Stop classification according to the use and structure of the ship.

Boating inflatable boat;

They are used with the paddle, usually with one or two passenger capacity, not more than 2.5 meters in length, and flat at the bottom. Such a boat:

1. is lightweight;

2. folding in small size, can be carried in bags or backpack;

3. there is a good price;

4. easy to assemble and disassemble;

In spite of their small size these ships can be equipped with tails and hanger. This has expanded the selection of fishing sites.

The drawback of this type of ship is its soft bottom, because it can't stand on the ship.

A small, inflatable boat with a crate;

They have a lot of kayaking, but there is a big difference - the stricter bottom and the crate. Such a structure is allowed to stand on the ship, although it is rather unstable. The harder bottom allows 3 or 4 people to produce large passenger ships. In addition, the standard specifications of these ships and the trailing board of the trailing machine.

The main advantages of a slate for an inflatable boat:

1. weight to 30 kilograms;

2. fold in compact size, can be carried in the bag, but it is recommended to be carried on the car;

3. assembly speed is fast;

4. low price.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the bottom of hardening, have a negative impact on the seakeeping ability.

The inflatable bottom;

The ship has an inflatable V type keel, which is allowed to use the bottom of the ships in the sea. Because of the structure of these small boats:

1. has a more rigid structure and is more stable in the water;

2. can be equipped with an electric motor with up to 20-25 HP.  The maximum speed can reach 50 km.

3. compared with the flat bottomed boat, it has higher bearing capacity.

4. it is allowed to stand and walk in the boat.

But everything has its price, when the hull is doubled, the transportation is difficult and the process of disassembly is more complicated. Of course, these boats are more expensive.

A rigid bottom ship (RIB or FRP inflatable boat)

The advanced type of transition between an inflatable boat and a solid ship. The ship has a rigid base made of glass fiber or aluminum and has some advantages:

The seakeeping performance and good rigid bottom keel;

1. the rigid structure allows the production of large vessels and launches, which is an impossible soft bottom ship;

2. comfortable, can easily walk in the boat;

3. because the most vulnerable areas (the bottom and the balloon) are protected by the hard bottom, the security is higher.

4. because of their characteristics, RIB is very popular among lifeguards.

In addition to the price, the biggest drawback of RIBs is the large size of the fold, which requires trailer transportation.

The use of inflatable boats;

We suggest that the rules of the use of the ship be followed in order to extend the use time:

1. take care of the boat in the shallow water, and when floating and at the berth, any sharp things in the water or on the shore can pull the boat down.

2. keep the ship away from the fire source;

3. when the ship is inflated, be careful when the pressure increases in the airbag for a long time under the sun. Even if the balloon is strong enough, the high pressure has a negative impact on the durability of the ship,

4. sharp things, including the fish hook, be careful;

5. before folding the ship, remove sand and salt from the surface of the ship, wait until dry, and fold it in accordance with the manual.

6. if the captain is folded in time, it is recommended to refold it in three and four months so that the bend will change. It is also recommended to inflate and deflate during recovery.

7. folding boat store in a dry place, the temperature from 0 to 125 DEG C, relative humidity is 30-80%, should avoid direct sunlight, and stored at least at a distance of 1 meters in the heating device, exposure to oil, gasoline, kerosene, alkali and other chemical substances, may damage the outer surface.

Water safety;

No matter the emergency preparedness on the ship. These proposals do not take into account the extreme use of the inflatable boat, such as white water drifting. Our proposal is for fishermen and tourists who use ships on a relatively calm surface.

1. wear a life jacket on a ship, especially in the sea, cold weather or fishing away from the coast,

2. if the ship has two or more than two people need to change the location, please ship along slowly, moving carefully and symmetrically, so as not to capsize;

3. do not jump out or enter the ship;

4. if you feel uncomfortable or in a state of alcoholism, do not use the ship if you feel uncomfortable or in a state of alcohol poisoning.

5. check the pressure inside the air bag, if the ship is down to the shore;

6. it is considered that low temperature will reduce the pressure inside the balloon and cause the stability and the buoyancy to be worse.

7. if possible, go fishing with a couple of friends and stay in sight.

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