How To Maintain Inflatable Tents To Extend The Service Life?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

1. The newly bought inflatable tents remembers a layer of seams in the place where the sealant is waterproof. Because the inflatable tent from making to to the store, and then to your hand, we do not know how much time passes, although you may be in the store through detailed examination, do not think what shortcomings, but in order to have a good feel comfortable, then do a waterproof measures!

2, inflatable tent keep dry, after the end of the trip, remember to hang if the tent is dirty, scrub gently with cold water can be, do not use chemical lotion or scrub, it will damage the fabric waterproof membrane surface, reduce the waterproof effect of tent.

3, inflatable mildew will break its water resistance, in case of moldy, with a sponge with a little cleaning brush gently to mildew.

4, in the field of camping, try to choose a flat camp and remove the protuberances from the camp as much as possible. This can avoid the discomfort of the back when you sleep, and it can also avoid the tents being pierced. Prepare extra floor cloth, lay the ground under the tent, put it inside or outside the tent, but not only keep the tent clean, but also avoid the stones or branches on the ground, and destroy the tent itself.

5. When you get into the inflatable tent, don't put your shoes in. The fabric strength of ultraviolet sunlight will damage the tent camps, if there is no shade can cover a tent and recommend that you take up cloth to cover the sun, avoid direct sunlight to bask in the tent.

6, build inflatable tents, tents will be the best nail on the ground with the camp, although most do not need to camp tent screw can independent completed, but the power of nature is limitless, do not think that someone in the tent or with a backpack with the right, according to experience, when nature show strength the tent, together with the people inside the same blow run! Sure inflatable ventilation is good, because we spend the night in bed, sweat and out of the body will increase the humidity of the air inside the tent, assuming four people sleep in a tent inside, a night time can be accumulated up to 1 liters water, if not ventilated tent, it must get up in the morning and four people sleeping bags and pads are wet.

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