How To Identify The Inflatable Tent Is Good Or Bad

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Now many inflatable tents appear in our life, only a variety of various kinds, let us see the dazzling. In the face of so many production, how should we identify their good or bad? Therefore, we should pay attention to a few points when we buy it.

First, the tension of the inflatable tents is strong and durable.

Second, is it small in size and convenient to carry.

Third, the quality is light.

Fourth, the rainproof of the inflatable tents, the size of the moisture absorption strength and so on.

According to the above conditions, we will understand the comparison of several materials for making inflatable tents today:

1, Niron (NYLON): the tension is strong, the color is bright and smooth, and it is not easy to fade, and the texture is soft, and has good strength. It is not easy to mould, it will not be moth eaten, it has little hygroscopicity, and it will be the most widely used material when it is frozen and not hardened.

2, canvas: strong waterproof and heat insulation effect. The sun is not hot when setting up, but its texture is hard and bulky. It is easy to damp and absorb water. It is easy to moldy and fade. The economic benefit is not as good as nylon.

3, TC: TC T is the so-called cloth cloth (commonly known as tetolon tetoron) and C (known as cotton) blended fabric, warp woven in part to Trinidad and Tobago long, some with cotton and synthetic fabric weft TC cloth, the inflatable tent has both properties, wear-resisting, durable good strength, good air permeability strong texture, used in large families.

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