How Should An Inflatable Swimming Pool Be Chosen?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

The inflatable swimming pool is the main swimming leisure for children to play, children can sink some cartoon toys, such playing not only increase the fun of childhood, but also exercise their ability. It is only necessary to fill the gas pool with gas when it is used, and it can be done by injecting a proper amount of water. The inflatable swimming pool has been launched for many years, and the market is still hot, which is very popular with tourists. However, when buying, many investors often ask: how to choose an inflatable swimming pool? It is not difficult to pick up a high quality aerated swimming pool. Just remember the following three points.

1. other: inflatable swimming pool are common round pool, rectangular pool, double pool, pool fire, touch pond, pool, tent hexagonal pool, each track can also be customized; the family swimming pool, size and shape can be flexibly made.

2. material: General inflatable pool material for double PVC coated inflatable special fabric material, is a green cloth by PVC environmental protection certification and anti aging test, has good tear resistance, high strength, wear resistance characteristics, good air tightness, high durability, convenient maintenance etc.......

3 work: inflatable swimming pool must use double needle sewing needle control at 4.2-4.5MM, which produces a bouncy castle will be durable, save electricity, a small amount of leakage, higher returns.

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