How Much Do You Know About The Features And Notices Of A Large Inflatable Tent?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Speaking of large inflatable tent products, many people know about it only as "inflatable houses", and most of the advantages are very few.

Inflatable advantages and characteristics: the product is mainly used in adhesive production combined with high-frequency heat sealing process, gas column with PVC double coated cloth, tarpaulin waterproof, anti ultraviolet material; it is has the advantages of fast molding, high strength of the fire, anti mildew, anti UV, moisture and so on; because the inflatable tent frame is gas column structure, and the metal stent general tent compared the merits of light weight, small size after folding, easy to carry features.

Safety precautions for outdoor inflatable tents:

1, must carefully survey the terrain inflatable tent before the camp above do not have the rolling stones, bowling and weathered stone;

2, in the rainy season, do not set up tents on the river bank and on the dry river bed.

3, in order to prevent lightning strikes, do not put tents in the hilltops or open fields. If you install them on the mud or sand, you can dig drains around the tent to ensure the dry ground inside the tent.

4, for cooking in the tent, be sure to let the flame away from the tent cloth and fireproof plate for isolating flame, people can not leave the tent when cooking, usually do the fire fighting plan and removing the oil fume exhaust fan installation;

5. Please remove the tent in advance when the local wind is above eight levels.

6, cotton tents before drying storage tarpaulin, the recovery of dry and then folded to keep cool and dry, the Buddha not remember the tarpaulin must not be stored for a long time, in order to avoid coloring and mildew;

7, depending on the local climate and humidity, regular dry tarpaulin lest bacterium, waterproof coating damaged military tent;

8, the tent construction period is suggested in the highland, and the surrounding should be buried with soil. Under conditions, the brick can be pressed well to prevent the wind and rain.

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