Advantages Of Inflatable Boats

- Jan 31, 2018 -

The advantage of the inflatable ship;

More people in China begin to appreciate the advantages of inflatable boats in surfing clubs and government flood relief. Whether leisure or sports, the innovative design of inflatable ships makes them easy to transport, easy to navigate, save oil, comfortable, safe and easy to maintain. For those who are entering the inflatable boat market, the inflatable boat is a very bad ship. There are two basic types of inflatable boats: soft bottom and hard bottom. Inflatable pads are called soft bottom, the use of inflatable hull. Floor options include traditional floors, high pressure air flooring and slate floors. A keel, also known as a hard bottom, can be inflatable, always using a solid hull, such as fiberglass or aluminum. The inflatable tube is mounted on the top of the hull to make a rigid inflatable vessel (Rib). Rib is usually considered a hybrid power ship, combining the advantages of traditional power boats and inflatable boats.

Top "inflatable boat advantage";

1. security: large, buffered buoyant buoy. There are several separate air compartments in each buoyant tube, and the ship is stable and unsinkable, even if one of the gas chambers is deflated.

2. buoyancy: the buoyancy capacity is far greater than the traditional ship of the same size because of the larger buoyancy.

3. mobility: once the air is released and folded, the space is inflated and absorbed very compact, and transportation and storage are very easy. Compared to traditional ships, Rib is easier to transport, easier to transport and navigate, because they are lighter in weight. A car that can't drag a traditional ship can easily drag an inflatable boat.

4. fuel efficiency / power ratio: because of its light weight, the inflatable boat can achieve the performance of a small ship.  This means higher fuel efficiency.

5. smoother, more comfortable sailing: the buoyant tubes on these ships can have a good buffering impact when driving at high speed.

6., simple maintenance: maintenance of inflatable boats is simple and economical, soap and water can be cleaned, and proper inflation is very easy, whether it's a foot pump or a car inflatable pump is as fast as it can be. The buoyancy tube also means that there is no need to worry about trampling and scratching during docking and other manipulation. And at last they look cool! Fashion, modern design of the inflatable boat has a fashion color and graphics.

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