What should you do if your inflatable boat meets a puncture

- Jan 31, 2018 -

The inflatable boat is called because it is wear-resistant, but it is not stinging. If you want to keep in good condition for a long time, regular maintenance and proper storage are very important, but even in the best maintenance of the world, accidents sometimes happen.

Piercing and leaking can be terrible, especially when you are suddenly in the water. Fortunately, these are rare, and it is likely to encounter slow leaks or blowout situations - this is not too obvious, but it is still a problem.

Before going to sea, it is best to check if there are any obvious signs of leakage or air leakage on the inflatable boat.  Small punctures can be easily fixed, but larger punctures may require professional attention.

If you are on the water and have a tire, don't panic. Although it is far from ideal, most inflatable boats have more than 3 gas chambers, so it is not completely deflated at one time.

It's a good idea to put tape and a bottle of acetone on an inflatable boat at any time. In this way, you can make an emergency repair of any contact perforation and then reach the shore. Only use acetone to wipe the area, and then apply tape to ensure that the seal is good. The air pump is re inflated and as soon as possible to its own shore.

What if I can't find the leak point?

This is a common situation - your inflatable boat is leaking slowly, but you can't be sure where the leak comes from. Even a small hole or crack can cause leakage over time, or even more than one blow out. The first step to stop the leak is to find it.

There are several ways to find the leak on the inflatable boat. The simplest way is to inflate your boat and cover it with water and a solution of detergent. When you put a detergent - containing water on the inflatable boat, look for the bubble position. The leak location will produce bubbles, which will lead you to find the location of the leak. Even if you find a leak location, don't think it's the only leak! Often more, so find a complete boat.

Once a leak is found, you can use the patch kit to repair it.  Make sure you get the kit for your aerated boat and model. Different types of glue have a better effect on different materials, so if the wrong glue is used, it may not work properly or even damage the material.

If you have any problems when you are playing an inflatable boat, or if the blowout is too big to repair, please call us. We provide full maintenance services for all inflatable boats, from the mending the smallest leak to the completion of the reconstruction.

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