What's the difference between a stenting pool and an inflatable pool?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Difference of structure and form

The supporting swimming pool is supported by the steel tube and is composed of PVC cloth around the bottom and the bottom.

The inflatable swimming pool is inflated in the form of filling the surrounding tire with water.

Difference of material composition

The main stand pool by GB seamless steel pipe, tank body adopts special pool, has self-cleaning function of nylon short double PVC coated cloth. It has the characteristics of high tear, friction resistance, anti aging, beautiful appearance and so on.

An inflatable swimming pool for children leisure needs, the conventional pool cloth, because of the use of different ways, so have bright color, beautiful appearance.

Specification and model difference

The stenting pool has a swimming pool of 1 meters, 1.32 meters, and 1.5 meters high.

The inflatable swimming pool is a pool of 0.55 meters, 0.65 meters and 0.8 meters high.

Both have circular or square style, the size and size can be fixed.

Functional difference

Support the swimming pool because of its good stability, high water, so different specifications can meet the teenagers and adults play, leisure swimming teaching needs. The inflatable swimming pool is collocation large inflatable water slides for children leisure play prominent parent-child interaction, stimulating the parent-child relationship.


In summary, the two kinds of swimming pools have different advantages, because they are different to the crowd. But if you want to build a mobile water park project, you need to mix a variety of swimming pools and amusement programs.

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