Inflatable membrane tennis have what advantages

- Jan 31, 2018 -

The inflatable membrane tennis arenas provide a place for tennis players to provide a winning athletic environment for the harsh winter climates. This inflatable membrane built tennis hall is not afraid of God's face, comfortable and spacious to use.

So what is the advantage of this inflatable membrane tennis court?

The company is located in:

1.JRT cable network system

2. Can withstand 16 hurricanes and nearly 1 meter thick snow.

3 large space, the site is sensitive and easy to install; internal beam without column, the completion of space utilization 100%.

4. The overall structure and size of the tennis match with the track.

5. Easy to migrate, and can be quickly repeated in different places to install inflatable, convenient and quick.

6 available roof space to create a stadium, saving land costs and land area.

Environment and innovative technology, the inflatable membrane tennis hall becomes more perfect. In recent years, tennis has gradually balloon, tennis has always been labeled as "nobility", "elegant sports" and the reputation of civilized movement. Tennis can be physical fitness, enhance physical fitness, but also improve people's comprehensive nature, tennis civilization has the effect of lifelong benefits. Its deep civilized connotation, from exercise to leisure, from body to body, from physiology to mind, from social to social, from nutrients to take birth, from yoga to state of mind, have the harmony, fun, skill, is a variety of Age men and women are suitable for aerobic exercise.

However, the traditional tennis hall is not very satisfied with the needs of sportsmen for the change of the way of tennis. The advantages of inflatable membrane tennis arena surpass the traditional tennis hall to become one of the most popular construction of the era.

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