Inflatable membrane construction of the formation

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Inflatable membrane construction is on the pressure difference between inside and outside to support the entire film structural building; without any internal frame or beam column support member has no bending, torsion and compression, specially designed German film company, its span can reach 300 meters, more than 100 meters high, the length is not limited. We offer creative solutions to construct various types of space. Such as oval, round, polyhedron, superposition type, and so on. With a unique architectural style, it can be made into transparent body and non transparent body, as well as all kinds of colorful architectural outer body according to the need of indoor space. We use the building film material made of gas to make it high strength and aging. It can operate safely for several years and decades in cold and cold, cold and hot weather. We can build the maximum 300M * 90M x 30M (long x wide * high) continuous continuous gas building, easy to operate and maintain, and the cost is relatively low. At the same time, we provide the best products to the customers, and also help the customers to control the cost of the building to the minimum.

You can do the following: the use of inflatable membrane building A building suitable for entertainment or sports venues year-round: golf court, swimming pool, skating rink, tennis courts, basketball hall, Volleyball Hall, circus venues; B for the Expo, exhibition venues use; (large space, periodic use Expo Center, exhibition hall). C. A warehouse or production workshop suitable for industrial and commercial use; (an industrial plant, a warehouse that needs a super high altitude and large space). D. Development of temporary agricultural production and research facilities; (agro ecological research simulation space, botanical garden, park big greenhouse.) E. Temporary facilities that are easy to move and reorganize. (large site command and Conference Center; people in disaster area, temporary gathering place for materials.) Once you have purchased our products, we will specialize in developing a flexible, low cost plan for your special needs.

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