How to choose different tents in different seasons

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Summer use

Is a single, ventilation, is a canopy with a layer of nylon bottom is quite ventilation, low altitude camping type, it can resist rain, design considerations on the ventilation resistance followed by weather, usually cover for screens of ventilation, the bottom is nylon cloth, a curtain, light color will not let inside the sun is the other people can not stand, can not resist the winds with a flysheet, can only resist rain. In fact, understand our consumers know that inflatable tent with our summer, are generally single, according to different clients, some are in the account of the design into Shu Mei silk or gauze, this summer is to consider and design, from the consumer's point of view.

Three season use

Refers to the use of non snow tents, which were in the camp column, it can withstand strong winds and a little snow in the air and nylon account waterproof outer account most of the tent, the curtain door is double, a layer of gauze, the moisture inside the tent can be revealed, the curtain door is large, the the tent for three days a week, the best is not a forest or excessive exposure of open terrain camp.

Four seasons use

The tent is hard to support snow and strong winds. Double door entry and exit camps are in bad weather. Such tent design considers whether the equipment in the snow period is enough to handle the problem and whether the internal and external account space is enough for cooking. It is quite suitable for snowstorm in forest limits. For the four account, according to our experience, there is no special classification, but the general winter use, you can use the thickened pearl cotton lining, winter use, relatively warm, this kind of situation, used in military inflatable tent north is the most

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