Five advantages of inflatable membrane construction

- Jan 31, 2018 -

◆ Security:

Inflatable membrane rely on the pressure difference to support the entire building. Due to the flexibility of the material and the inherent usefulness of the structure and the curved shape, there are no members that are bent, twisted and pressed;

In the wind, earthquake, temperature deformation, settlement deformation and other structural systems have unparalleled advantages. Earthquakes and wind loads have minimal effect on them and can effectively absorb wind loads and shock accelerations.

◆ comfort:

Inflatable membrane building system of the internal space, all the elements: pressure, temperature, humidity, fresh air volume, illumination, etc., can be controlled on demand, providing comfortable and pleasant indoor environment.

Co-Lighting Planning - Suspended Retroreflective Lighting Directly illuminates the light source to the intima and creates a true secondary reflectance, useful for the high reflectance of light from the film to the interior of the building for uniform, unobtrusive lighting. The use of light-transmissive film (light transmittance 25%) to reach the full use of the role of natural light during the day Save 30% of the total lighting costs Provide 100% of the light

Diffuse light illumination uniformity, no glare, whether tennis or lighting demanding harsh shuttlecocks can be completely satisfied with their need for the full satisfaction of the lighting requirements of the illumination of the sporting events

◆ economy:

The traditional structure of building, with the addition of span, cost per unit area to create a geometric fold increase; inflatable membrane building on the contrary, with the increase of span (up to 220 meters), the unit area to create a downward trend in cost. (When the span exceeds 30 meters, the cost of building inflatable membrane buildings can be reduced by more than 50% over that of traditional buildings.)

The energy consumption of air-conditioned membrane in air-filled membrane is much lower than that in traditional buildings. The energy consumption of air-filled membrane air-condition and heating system is only 10% → 30% of traditional buildings. The latter part of the inflatable membrane does not need protection at all, providing assurance for continuing high standards and low capital operation. LEED Heat Reflectance (SR 85%) and Heat Dissipation Factor (IE 83%) Recognized in North America and Europe Inflatable Membrane Structures Good Sealed Insulation Materials (R-Value)

◆ Intelligent:

Automatic control by the PC inflatable membrane building normal operation of the various indicators of the central control system based on changes in the external wind and snow to adjust the pressure within the building to adjust the pressure of humanity planning, fresh air, temperature, light, etc. based on the internal use of change modular control All mechanical and electrical equipment integrated planning , To complete the remote control

◆ fast:

Inflatable membrane building system is the largest stadium venues supply the fastest and most sensitive construction methods on-site construction does not exceed ten days, which is not reached any structure of the building, the same reason you save the cost of construction management method of construction sensitive and satisfied customers A variety of needs, the basic requirements of low self-respect can be built on top of the original building. Easy to remove, easy to move, can continue to cycle.

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