Correct use of inflatable wedding banquet tents

- Feb 01, 2018 -

The wedding inflatable tent can satisfy people's requirements whenever and wherever possible the wedding, when many couples are required to marry, choose this type of marriage, because this form is not only novel, but also can make good memories, when old memories, it is more beautiful, more warm ah, but to suggest when users use the wedding inflatable tent to the right, then, the correct use of the method of inflatable tent what?

The next jattu Zhuo on this issue to the vast number of friends:

First, when in use should pay attention to the size of the wind, if the wind speed over eight words, so this time is not used because the wedding tent, continue to use in such circumstances, will lead to the tent instability, bring unnecessary trouble.

The second is not to set up the tent of high temperature sand or on the ground, because for a long time in this place, will affect the tent waterproof film role, then lead the water into the inner tent, charging the service life of the wedding tent.

If there is a Wedding Tent fire to cook it, to keep a safe distance and height of the tent where the fire and, if you do not keep it makes tents affected by high temperatures, and when the fire cooking should always ensure that people look at, and to install the exhaust system, ensure that the air in the inflatable tent circulation.

The method above is the Zhuo wedding inflatable tent jattu correct use is introduced, the understanding of these methods, can let the user is usually used, better and more safe use of inflatable us, to avoid the accident or trouble.

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