Application field of inflatable membrane structure

- Jan 31, 2018 -

With the development of the modern inflatable membrane structure and the wider use of our life, which areas can the inflatable membrane structure be applied to? Let me introduce the application of the conventional inflatable membrane building.

The application field of inflatable membrane structure: industrial factory building

The pollution of gas, produced by the open operation of large area many industrial areas of solid, which requires the inflatable membrane structure to complete all kinds of gas pollution, solid construction of a storage area, to reduce air pollution, river, land and so on; open-air operation of factories and mines, if the use of inflatable membrane the building closed operation, will greatly reduce the pollution of the environment; for the special requirements of the plant, can workshop temperature and humidity, the cleanliness of the active control.

The application field of inflatable membrane structure: Sports Industry

All factors, such as air pressure, humidity, temperature, illuminance and fresh air volume, can be controlled according to requirements, providing comfortable and pleasant indoor environment. Therefore, inflatable membrane is very suitable for the construction of various gymnasium.

The application field of inflatable membrane structure: environmental protection industry

Inflatable membrane provided for building similar to soil remediation, waste disposal and other operations, fully enclosed space design, really put an end to the solid and gas pollution of garbage landfill, that is no longer a stinking, Montreal where flies fly. In the environment where the inflatable membrane is completely closed, the polluted air and sewage are filtered, and the influence on the surrounding is minimized.

In fact, application of inflatable membrane structure is very broad, inflatable membrane has the characteristics of large span buildings, flexible use, can be tailored for large buildings, in addition to the above, the inflatable membrane architecture can also do logistics warehouse, airport, waiting hall, exhibition hall, banquet hall and so on.

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