Military Shower Tent

It is widely used in Military emergency or military exercises.

Product Details

Military Shower Tent

Product Details:


Military shower tent





Using area

30 square meters

Packing size



One layer


6 rooms for using



Following are the pictures of the military shower tent.It is widely used in Military emergency or military exercises.

It are total six rooms for you to choose.

Look the color of the camouflage:

Look,this is the curtain of the military shower tent:

Installation time


Support Day

5 to 10 minutes

1 year

More than 7 days


·The military shower tent shall not be used with sharp objects in contact, so as not to scratch the airbag;

·The military shower tent in strict accordance with the instructions for operation, the use should first follow the instructions of the Notes.

·Summer temperatures should not exceed the amount of gas above the required standard, and check the gas at any time, when the pressure is too high should be deflated; winter and morning temperatures slightly lower should pay attention to the appropriate pressure, so as not to affect the normal use.

·Not with the temperature above 70 ℃ objects and open flame close (TPU products try to avoid prolonged contact with objects above 50 ℃);

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