Inflatable Shower Tent

Instructions for Inflatable shower tent: the inflatable shower tent packaging, slowly expand it. 2.There are accessories in the inflatable...

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Inflatable Shower Tent

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Inflatable shower tent








1 year


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12 months


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Instructions: the inflatable shower tent packaging, slowly expand it.

2.There are accessories in the inflatable shower tent, please follow the instructions.

3.the finished parts will be received after use, easy to use the next time.

4.when folded according to the packing bag folded packaging map, if you do not know can contact the shopkeeper.


1.the product should be far away from power and flammable items, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

2.the product can not be loaded, do not place heavy objects on the product.

3.please place the product safety department, so as not to hurt the children playing.

4.the use of the rope in the tent to reinforce the rope to prevent the injury collapse and residents.

friendly reminder:

When the temperature difference is large, do not immediately after receiving the goods inflated, waiting for the material softened slightly before inflation, to prevent the material hardened due to low temperatures, accidental damage under external forces.

The first flushing 24 hours after the gas can be used, the air chamber and the sewing zone need a cushioning process.

The first inflatable within 3 days, the general inflatable products will be some lax, this is normal, because the air chamber material is slightly flexible, after filling gas will be some up big change becomes soft, will feel relaxed, as long as the desired effect after the inflatable It's fine, but not enough to cheer up.


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