Who We are?

We are one of leading professional manufacturers of PVC and inflatable products in China.

​Qingdao Airbrother Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 2008, is a R&D enterprise which is specialized in developing, designing, manufacturing and exporting PVC and Inflatable products. Till now, we have developed more than 8 series and hundreds of different products: Inflatable Membrane Buildings, Inflatable Tents, Water/ Fuel/ Gas Storage Bladder Tank, DWF Air Track/ Inflatable Floating Docks Pontoon, Inflatable Boat, PVC Bulk Bag, Inflatable Swimming Pool, Water Play Equipment and so on.

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Hot Products
  • Sports Dome
    Sports Dome

    Inflatable sports dome is a widely accepted structure for sports, such as soccer, tennis, golf,...

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  • Onion Tank
    Onion Tank

    Onion Tank If you are looking for a portable water bladder for irrigation, for emergency...

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  • Army Inflatable Tent
    Army Inflatable Tent

    Army inflatable tent is supported by columns one by one and they share the same air chamber...

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  • Air Tumble Track
    Air Tumble Track

    Airbrother Air Tumble Tracks are made of high quality DWF (Double Wall Fabric) (also called drop...

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  • PVC Chemical Bulk Bag
    PVC Chemical Bulk Bag

    The PVC chemical bulk bag is widely used in the fields of petroleum,chemical...

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  • Inflatable Boat with Tent
    Inflatable Boat with Tent

    Airbrother manufacture inflatable boat from 2008, till now, with more than 10 years experience...

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  • Rectangle Inflatable Pool
    Rectangle Inflatable Pool

    Qingdao Airbrother developed a new rectangular model of rectangle inflatable pool, which can be...

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  • Inflatable Water Trampoline
    Inflatable Water Trampoline

    This inflatable water trampoline is made with blue and yellow color with black elastic fabric....

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